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Education is a Privilege

WE at Six Phrase WISH and AIM to Redefine
The Privileged educational system for the Under Privileged..

Welcome to Six Phrase

Empowering Careers, Transforming Lives

With a decade-long track record of excellence, Six Phrase excels in employability training and has partnered with premier institutions across India, securing successful placements for countless students.

Our scientific training methods prioritize individualized instruction, taking into account each student's particular needs and skills to ensure excellent outcomes.

Six Phrase is an authorized Cambridge English Language Assessment Exam Preparation Center, which prepares and enrolls candidates for Cambridge English exams. Cambridge English Assessment, is a division of Cambridge Assessment, a part of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Six Phrase

Nasscom Member

Prabhu N D

Founder & Promoter CEO
Chief executive officer

10 years experience from Cognizant Technology Solutions

Ashok N M

Co – Founder

PhD. Computer Engineering, from University of California Santa Cruz with 11 years experience from Apple Inc.

Kaviarasu Venkatachalam

Co – Founder

MBA in Universexperience ity of Cincinnati with 10 years from Facebook.

Archana M

Co – Founder

Masters in UT Arlington with 6 years experience from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Keerthana S

Co – Founder

5 years experience from TCS & Capgemini

Shankarram S

Co – Founder

9 years experience from Cognizant

Six Phrase

The Training Program

Welcome to Talentely - Empowering Your Career Journey


TALENTELY, a sister concern of Six Phrase, aims to democratize talent discovery by uniting institutions, corporates, and students. It comprises three components: LMS (Learning Management System), PMS (Profile Management System), and TMS (Talent Management System).

TALENTELY LMS utilizes AI-driven e-learning with video lectures and coding labs, ensuring quality education accessibility, especially in rural areas.

TALENTELY PMS streamlines student profiles, sharing them seamlessly with corporates, and eliminating traditional resumes.

TALENTELY TMS democratizes talent discovery, benefiting both corporates and students with an expanded talent pool, reduced costs, and informed career decisions. TALENTELY propels students toward successful careers, guiding them from initiation to accomplishment.

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Aptitude Courses
C Programming Technical Course

C++ Technical Programming Course

CTAT_EIS_ 2023
JAVA Technical Course
Product Company Model Tests


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