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Students Learning management system By Talently
Introducing Talentely Online Platform - Education without Barriers

About Talentely Online Service

TALENTELY a sister concern of Six Phrase is aimed at Democratizing Talent Discovery by aggregating Institutions, Corporates & Students. .
TALENTELY has 3 components, LMS – Learning Management System, PMS – Profile Management System and TMS – Talent Management System.

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TALENTELY LMS is a Digital E Learning AI Driven Platform powered by Video Lectures, Assessments & Virtual Coding Labs. This LMS helps us to create an environment where all students especially for those in rural areas to have access to high-quality education.

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TALENTELY PMS helps students to create a profile digilocker by aggregating all his credentials under a single public URL. This URL can now be shared across with corporates scouting for talent thereby removing the need for a resume.

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TALENTELY TMS helps in Democratizing Talent Discovery. Talent Democratization for corporates helps them to access a larger talent pool, reduce cost and hiring time, increase productivity and increase profitability. Talent Democratization for students helps them to choose and control their career development by taking well informed career decisions.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, we at TALENTELY help students to begin (kickstart), proceed (prepare) and achieve their first destination towards a successful career.


Your AI-Powered Learning Companion

Talentely, offered by Six Phrase, is a cutting-edge online platform that revolutionizes education. As an AI-enabled Learning Management System (LMS), it creates personalized learning plans for each student based on their Skill Competency. With Talentely’s End-to-End Placement preparation portal, undergraduate and postgraduate students receive comprehensive support.

With Talentely’s Progressive Web App design, mobile accessibility is seamless. It empowers educators to manage student learning effectively, identifying gaps and providing tailored mentorship.

Join Talentely now for a unique learning journey, where AI-driven guidance propels you toward academic excellence.

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Empowering Young Coders

Introducing Talentely Junior

Talentely Junior, an initiative by SIX PHRASE, South India’s leading Skill Development & Career Development Enterprise, is dedicated to enlightening and empowering school children with essential coding skills. Our vision, “With a Flair to Gift the World with Code Prodigies,” drives our commitment to nurturing young minds.
With over 11 years of expertise in transforming programming education for college students, we now extend our legacy to empower school students with programming and coding skills. Talentely Junior offers a state-of-the-art online platform, that provides quality training in skill development. Qualified teachers ensure comprehensive learning support.
Nurturing a passion for coding from an early age, Talentely Junior empowers young coders to explore the exciting world of technology. Join us as we empower the next generation of young coders and set them on a path of limitless possibilities in the digital world.
A trainer’s identity is his/her mastery in subject. The same knowledge is reflected in video lectures and made available to students to empower themselves with online learning. Video Lectures are available for School Coding, Technical Programming Topics, Future Skills Topics, Aptitude Topics, Financial Markets and English Language Learning.
Our assessment reports gives students a clear insight on their learning outcomes, give credit for what students have achieved and areas of improvement. Reports include Portal Usage Summary, Participation Summary, Performance Summary, Benchmark Summary and Qualitative Summary.
Quiz Engine, Code Compiler and Code Visualizer help students to horn their skills in concept learning and programming skills.
Our Artificial Intelligence Enabled Learning Scheme helps every student to create a unique learning plan based on his own competency and skillset.
We learn by practice and our Reinvigorated practice modules are the best tools to make you perfect. Our practice modules act as a formative assessment which helps to monitor a student learning and provide continuous feedback to staff and students.
Our summative assessments help students to evaluate their learning by comparing it against a standard benchmark and also via peer benchmarking. Our assessment tests are reliable, standardized, valid and drives learning.
Our Gamified Learning modules help in students engagement and involvement by capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning.
UnLock certification on completion of every course and build a testimony for your success.