Premier Tech Internship: Transform Your Tech Career
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Transform your Tech Career with our Premier Tech Internship Program

Transform your Tech Career with our Premier Tech Internship Program

Learn how to gain industrial exposure through our internship program.

Dive into the future with Canada’s Premier Tech Internship

Canada is one of the popular destinations preferred by Indian students and professionals. But the most tedious task here is to find the right skill development training institute in Tamilnadu and the right program that matches your goals and expectations. If you are looking to get hands-on experience and international exposure, particularly in Canada, then this blog is for you. The Technology Experiential Learning Program (TELP) offered by Six Phrase is an opportunity for students to learn and get global exposure. Six Phrase, the best Soft Skill Training Institute in collaboration with Ottawa Educational Group is offering internships and study opportunities in Canada.

Six Phrase’s Technology Experiential Learning Program

The TELP Program provides an ideal balance of experiential learning and international experience. Our partnership with Ottawa Educational Group provides internship programs abroad in Canada giving students to learn about various cultures and improve their technical skills. To satisfy the changing needs of technology TELP gives students the opportunity to work on real-time Canadian projects so they can get real-world experience. The program duration is 3 months where the students can gain both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. Our carefully designed curriculum covers a wide range of technical sectors, ensuring that you graduate from the program prepared to face the challenges of the real world.

Reasons why you should choose our TELP Program?

Structured Experience

TELP offers a carefully crafted program that gives students a structured learning experience that is tailored to their needs. The program begins with a one-month training period in India where participants receive the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the technology industry.

This first month helps students to prepare for the next two months of immersion in Canada where they can delve further into their selected area of interest and streams. In the course of 3 months, our students are well-equipped with the technical skills, experience, and expertise needed to succeed in the tech industry.

Tailored Projects

We understand every student has their own interests and goals. Our program has a wide range of sectors covered based on every student’s interests. This gives them the chance to reach their full potential and make them do wonders in the tech sector.

Our Areas of Internships
  • Underground Electronics and IoT Development
  • Predictive Data Analytics
  • Battery Electric Vehicle Technologies
  • IoT and Digital Solutions for Mining
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services
  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Digital health
  • Healthcare system integration
  • Interoperability standards including: HL7 (v2, v3, FHIR)
  • Electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Personal health records (PHR)
  • Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
  • Consumer medicine
  • Mobile health / mhealth
  • Telehealth and remote care
  • Public health
  • Cloud technology
  • Software development
  • Picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
  • Digital health usability testing
  • Secure healthcare data collection
  • Clinical research support through digital enablement
  • Motion capture
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Special effects (VFX)
  • Video games
  • Mobile applications
  • 3D digitization

Real-world experience

Our program focuses on both theoretical and real-world applications. Our students are exposed to real projects in innovation centers where they can deal with the current demands and issues faced by the leading tech companies. This experience will the invaluable insights and experience that are highly required in today’s tech world. By working in real-world projects they acquire the necessary skills and also mark their contribution to the technical industry right during their internship period.

Diverse Industry Options

With a vast network of over 5000 participating companies, our program provides students with exposure to a diverse range of industries, enhancing their learning experience and expanding their horizons.

Our Industry Partners
  • Audyse Technology
  • Fromagerie PEI
  • Cold Plasma Group Inc.
  • Pasta Tavola Inc.
  • Aclarus Ozone
  • Marion Surgical
  • ExactBlue Technologies Inc
  • Sweets from the Earth
  • Next Millennium Farms Inc
  • Aragorn
  • Morton
  • SolarSteam Inc.
  • Lertechx Renewable Energy
  • Novel Sensors Inc
  • Origen Air Systems Ltd

Affordable Fees and Free Accommodation

Six Phrase is dedicated to providing high-quality technical education to everyone. We make sure that our students’ dreams are not restrained due to financial constraints. Our TELP program starts with a reasonable price of CAD 3000 + HST for online programs and another package is for CAD 5000 + HST for on-site programs in Canada. To further improve the program’s affordability and accessibility, our program offers complimentary accommodation valued at 2000 CAD, which covers stays and local travel during the program.

Simplified Visa Process

For overseas students, navigating the visa application process can be a challenging task. With a simplified application process and a maximum stay of six months, the SX 1 visa is required for international students, making it simpler than ever to pursue your tech aspirations in Canada.

What can you expect after completing our TELP Program?

Students after successful completion of our 3-month TELP program can get a wide range of benefits that will help them stand out in the IT sector.


Students receive certificates from the Innovation Center and Ottawa Educational Group (OEG) after completing the TELP. These certificates authenticate their practical talents by giving prospective employers actual verification of their skills.

Skills Passport

Students are given a Skills Passport which is a valuable asset to their CV. The skills passport is a complete record of their accomplishments. It showcases their expertise and readiness for the technology sector.

Higher Studies Opportunities

Graduates can expand on their TELP experience and pursue advanced studies in their preferred tech domains by exploring alternatives in particular areas of interest.


Being the best placement training institute in Tamilnadu, we aim to provide students with the practical skills that employers are currently looking for. Graduates of the program leave job-ready as they are equipped with real-world knowledge, analytical skills, and industry insights. We provide placement opportunities with our network of top tech industries.

Six Phrase’s Premier Internship Program – TELP stands as a golden opportunity for aspiring tech enthusiasts who want to work abroad. With the perfect blend of industry trends and international exposure, our program is everything you need to shine in the tech industry. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to our program right away and propel towards a fulfilling career ahead.